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 Character Profiles: Loki

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NAME- Loki Laufeyson
ALIAS- God of Mischief
AGE- umm...( is actually alot older than he looks xD)
RELATIONSHIPS- Thor (bestfriend, travel companion, frienemies, "brother") Hel (daughter) Jormungand (son) Fenrir (son) Sigyn (wife)

Character Profiles: Loki Yt22
"I'm not evil, I'm complicated"

PERSONALITY- Like his title and myth says, michevous, but also very playfull in his own twisted way, for not to talk about a very good actor.
Yes, he has a sadistic side of his as he does sometiems enjoy seeing pain in others or just simple make things harder for people. However, he's not 'evil', but he's not exactly on the 'good' side either. He prefers to be on his own side.
He's quick-witted, sarcastic, mysterious, manipulative, intelligent, sly, cunning, and loves being a smartass when he can.
Most people would always have to offer him something in return or be of his interest if they ask him for help or advice, and he would play around and confuse others just for the heck of it. That's one of his many ways to get some 'entertainment'. Frankly, he couldn't care less what others think of him.

Character Profiles: Loki 1gd
"Mischief is a small thing, a toy, that I’ve well used and discarded."

HISTORY- (So yeah, this Loki is based of the North Myth's, and not exactly the comics or movies. Yes, there's a difference Razz)
Having always been the well known 'problem child' of Asgard, Loki has always had his different ways of getting notcied, in both bad and good ways.
Mostly, Loki was helpfull to the gods, always lending a helping hand protecting Asgard agaisnt their enemies and other gods out when in a pinch, but beign a 'half breed' the other gods (or Aesir as they're also called) still never fully trusted him. Of course it could be beaucse of his michevious ways and always brining trouble to whoever or wherever he went to. This was just his way of telling them that he was one of their Allfather's (Odin) favoruties, and they couldn't do shit about it.
As young, Loki only tried to get notcied and acknowledge more by the rest, maybe not in the best ways, and so his little pranks only grew the more time passed. Odin never really minded his antics, as long as he would fix the problems he caused and clean up after his 'mess' and not go to far, wich he often did. But he always made things ok afterwards. Mostly.

Loki has never really belonged anywhere, being disliked by both the gods and the 'jotuns' who they always fought against. The dwarfs and elfes were never a big fan of him either.
He was to weak to be considerd a 'jotun', and to 'unpure' to be one of the Aesir. Even when they knew how much he really sacrifcied for them. Of course not everyone disliked the trickster, even the rest had started to be more acceepting, but the fear and disrespect where always there. Until one of his pranks went way overboard.
By killing their favourite among them. Balder, the god of light, and one of Odin's most beloved sons.
However, at this point something seemed to had change insdie the trickster, as if finally having snapped for real. He never regreted it, not even when Odin turned two of Loki's sons to wolfs, making them fight each ther until one of them teared the other apart, leaving the other lost in his own madness of guilt. With his dead son's guts, they bound him at the center of the earth. He was to be imprisoned there until Ragnarök, the end of the world.
Like this would've stopepd the sly halfgod.

Weak and barely alive, he had managed to escape his "eternal" prison, always on the run since then, almost like he's been his whole life. He was done doing things for others, done being cast aside and betrayed.
Nothing has ever been able to really stop him, and he'll make sure it stayed that way.

Character Profiles: Loki Tumblr_m47derVK0M1r8nrkqo1_500
"I only ever wanted to be your equal"

POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- Master shapeshister, can literally shift into anything and anyone. Due to this, he's also able to comunicate with animals.
Loki is also a very powerful and resourceful magician. It can be all from element manipulation, illusions, telepath, telekinesis etc.
Even though he may not have much to offer in physical strengh, his strong magic and quick-thinking ways make up for it.

Character Profiles: Loki OriginalCharacter Profiles: Loki RoyalsongstressTHThor125Character Profiles: Loki KeIfzCharacter Profiles: Loki RoyalsongstressTHThor003Character Profiles: Loki 1669315

The selfish blood runs through my vains
I gave up everything for fame
I am the life that you adore
I feed the rich and fuck the poor

I got, you want
It's just, don't stop

This is entertainment
Lives are entertainment
You are down on your knees
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Character Profiles: Loki
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