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 Character Profiles: Lilium

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PostSubject: Character Profiles: Lilium   Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:45 pm

Name:  Ami Fernandez
Alias: Lilium
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Relationships: None so far

"Leave your mark where others can only dream on going"

Personality: Even though she for the most part acts calm and careful, she easily gets over excited over things. Having always had a wild and lively fantasy, she’s always had a hard time coming back down to earth again.
She also has more of a nerdy/geeky side whenever it comes to one of her hobbies or something that interests her. Can be from her favorite mythology or stories/books, tv-series, movies etc. So she's often trying to find some unusal story to read and/or watch, (since she dislike things always being 'typical') and would often turn out to be a little too critical.

Depending on her mood, she can be all from over optimistic or just plain bored with everything life has to offer her. Even though hiding the fact, she does worry of what she might say would either hurt or bother other people, so she either blurts out something before thinking or just think too much before saying anything. A bad habit of hers, since she seem to worry too much.
She’s both playfull and serious, lazy and a little slow at times, and can get overdramatic. She very easily gets distracted and often loses herself in her own dream worlds. That’s why people often gets surprised by her more rude, sarcastic and unforgiving side when she lets her anger slip out. She still tries to see the good things in life and tries to enjoy herself, while she may not be the most social person; she has her moments of being open and inviting, most of the time trying to treat people the way she herself wants to be treated.

"Cattle die, kindred die, every man is mortal, but the good name never dies."

History: Ami lived a pretty normal life without any major problems or supernatural happenings surrounding her.
She grew up in Sweden, though she travel a lot to South America where he mother’s family lived, and there as well nothing out of the ordinary happened. Not that she took notice of anyway. Since had always had the bad habit of dreaming herself far away somewhere in her own mind, as a child she would often confuse reality with fantasy. Especially when she was drawing. So when the pictures she either saw or draw started to come to life, she simply thought at first it was her own mind playing tricks on her, and would continue on like nothing weird was happening. Until her grandfather one day saw it.
Having realized she could give life to her drawings, she always tried to show it to her parents, but whenever she tried she for some reason never could, making them worried about her and told her to stop believing in everything she saw or heard from her fairy tales. With other words, everyone brushed her off, except for her granddad. He didn’t push her to do it though, seeing as it was something she didn’t exactly have control over. Instead he had started to take her with him whenever he went out to paint, and for them to simply enjoy the little time together and be there to listen to her stories.
One of the favorite things he loved to draw, was giant fields with different flowers. His most preferred flower was the lilies, which to him represented his daughter, Ami’s mother. Thus she earned the nickname ‘Lilium’ by him, and told her that whenever he saw the flower he would think of her.
That was the last time she ever saw him, since he passed away shortly after they left to go back to Sweden. Ever since, she’s been keeping to herself about her ability, thinking it really was her own mind playing tricks on her.
The older she grew, the harder she had to open up or connect with people, thus drawing herself further away from the rest. Without noticing herself, she would often try to act and see things differently from the rest. Of course this was just another reason for people to mock her, but she learned early ignore that and simply endure their harsh words. They were just words after all.

One day while drawing again, which had become her own way to relax, her younger sister had witnessed one of the drawings come to life, making Ami finally realize that maybe she wasn’t that crazy after all. Too bad she still had no control over it.
Shortly after, they both found out about the Shield University, and she had urged Ami to go there and ‘'Make something with your life!'' as she had put it.
Funny how she agreed, when she’s always been sort of annoyed with the whole ‘hero’ thing… But she went there for one reason only: to learn control her ability.

"Have you ever confused dreams with life?"

Powers/Special talents:  “Animation” - Give mock life to images created (drawings, paintings, etc.) and written text by the user or others.

The looking glass, so shiny and new
How quickly the glamor fades
I start spinning slipping out of time
Was that the wrong pill to take?

I look around but I can't find you
If only I could see your face
I started rushing towards the starlight
I wish that I could just be brave

Here I am a rabbit hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights
I must become a lion hearted girl
Ready for a fight
Before I make the final sacrifice

[pffffftt!!! Ok, so most of the things here are true, except for the whole ability crap x'D And i'm obvioulsy not as pretty as Jenna-Louise Coleman.... *sigh* x'3 I miss you abuelo (grandpa)<33]
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Character Profiles: Lilium
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