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 Character Profile- Gemina

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Character Profile- Gemina Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile- Gemina   Character Profile- Gemina EmptyFri Jul 05, 2013 11:04 pm

NAME- Hannah Beadles
ALIAS- Gemina
PERSONALITY- Hannah is shy and can be slightly sarcastic at moments, she always wants to help those around her and isn't afraid to voice her opinion on matters that she considers to be important to her.
HISTORY- Hannah grew up in Utah with a family of four siblings, she quickly learned how to keep to herself after she was bullied in her early years of school and as a result never had a whole lot of friends.  When she was younger her dad abused her while her mother was teaching piano lessons and Hannah was told never to tell anyone what was going on.  As she grew up though her dad stopped and Hannah started to become hopeful that maybe just maybe she was going to be all right.   Hannah had her family and she enjoyed her books so she never missed having friends or being entirely social, when she was 19 years old her dad left her family turning Hannah's life around. She hadn't really been close to him before but her mother was suddenly left on her own so Hannah did her best to help out,  during this tulmultous period she started to get headaches and would often feel very weak and tired but she didn't really pay any mind to it and continued with her studies. One day she collapsed while taking her dog out and was rushed to the hospital where she found out that she had leukemia, this didn't stop Hannah though and she was determined not to let her sickness consume her life so she started practicing some forms of martial arts. Most days though she wasn't able to practice as the Chemo therapy had started to make her sicker, this didn't stop her though and when she got the invitation to the university accepted eagerly, a few days before she arrived she was raped by an unknown person and so is keeping to herself more then ever before.
POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- Hannah knows a few martial arts and even though she has a illness doesn't really allow that to slow her down, she is a quick learner and loves to grow more as a person.  Also has the ability to heal but at a price, she can't heal herself and when she heals someone it can drain her vitality and if she heals someone  who's dying she dies for a few hours.
*Note- Everything on my history is true, minus the martial arts crap and healing shit XDD
(it feels so weird talking about myself like this XDD also finally found a gif person for me XDD
Character Profile- Gemina Tumblr_m8gf6jketn1ruz9j7
she's way hotter then me XDDD)
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Character Profile- Gemina
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