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 Characrer Profile: Vali

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PostSubject: Characrer Profile: Vali   Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:33 am

Name: Vali Lokison
Alias: The Lone Wolf/Son of Mischief
Age: 17 (if he were human Razz)
Occupation: Student
Fears: His past
Relationships: Sigyn (mother)  Loki (father)  Narfi (older brother: deceased)

The reason good people never win , is they always put others before themselves

Personality: Vali has two different sides to himself.
His usual self being the gentle, caring and more well-mannered young man, but who’s still a curious child who likes to go out and explore and just enjoy life. He can be both charming and quick-witted, or sometimes the more shy and laid-back guy who’s content with staying in the background.
He has of course his rebellious side, when he refuses to do what he’s told, sneaking out, placing his nose in business that is of no concern to him. Pulling pranks here and there is another typical thing for him, but he always makes sure to never have any of his jokes go too far or place anyone in danger. Hurting others, is something he always tried to avoid.

His other side is a different story. He can be a fighting machine, a ruthless warrior who’d never show mercy and then go on doing whatever he feels like doing with no concern of the consequences. He’s cruel, cold, selfish and would always get rid of anyone who in his eyes are a threat. Here he lets his more sadistic and mischievous side of him show more clearly, even paranoid, where he thinks everyone around him would want nothing but hurt him. He’s what one would call a ‘walking time bomb’, never knowing when or what would make him snap and turn into his more violent self.

Behind all of this, hides in truth a lonely, scared boy lost in his own darkness and guilt, unable to forgive himself and thinks all the bad things thrown at is what he deserves. He of course, hides this side of him behind either a warm and sad smile, or a cruel mask full of rage.
Overall, he’s headstrong and would do anything to redeem himself of the sins he thinks he’s committed, and do what he think is right. As long as he doesn’t snap that is.

"What's good is often forgotten, what's bad is often hidden."

History: Vali’s life began happy and most unusual for a family of the trickster, normal. He and his older brother were the first children of Loki to be born without any prophecy of destruction or with special aspect. Due to this, the family wasn’t even paid much attention to and was surprisingly left alone. Of course, sometime there were words and whispers about them being the offspring of chaos himself, and not where they always treated with the biggest respect. But of course, all of the gods had some sort of dispute with someone amongst them, so their problems weren’t exactly something they were bothered about.
As their father rarely spent his time at home, Vali was extremely close to his brother. They were inseparable, like twins even with the two years difference between them. During the days he would either go out to hunt and play with Narfi, or spend time with his mother for exploring in the woods and learn some of her white magic.
The few times their father returned, the two boys would be all over him, begging him to tell stories of his travels, show them some new trick or beg him to teach them some of his own abilities. No matter what the rumors said about their father, both them had still always looked up to him, as they also longed for travels and adventures like his. They never really did feel ashamed of his actions, as their parents always told them to never feel shame over something they themselves haven’t committed. In fact, Vali even tried to be more like the trickster, but to his shock and confusion only got a displeased answer from the god when he told him just that.
“You can be anything you want, but don’t you ever turn out like me.”
Vali never understood the meaning to those words, until several years later.

The day when everything changed is still so very unclear for him. It had all went so fast, and he barley remembered what had happened himself. First there had been distressed rumors about Balder, the god of light being killed, and then all hell had literally broken down on him and his family.
While Sigyn had been out looking for Loki, some of the Aesir had without warning broken into their home and attacked them. Being taken by surprise, it wasn’t long before they got knocked out. Even with the fight they put up with they stood no chance against the warriors of Odin on their own.
The things that happened afterwards were all just a big blur. He do recall hearing his brother call out to someone, almost sounding begging, and then for a few seconds seeing Narfi slowly backing away from him. And then he had heard the cry of their mother, and woken up.
It had taken a good while before he realized he was covered in blood, and even more so to the torn up corpse in front of him. He had no idea how long he had been sitting there, starring in complete horror as the truth had slowly sank into his mind. It wasn’t until he saw his mother crawling over to the dead boy, almost choking on her own crying, that he snapped back to himself. He had just teared his own brother apart. Before his mother had time to reach him he had shot up from the ground and vanished, never to be seen by anyone in Asgard again. Not even his mother.
It wasn’t until a good while later after he left, that he realized his shape shifting into a wolf whenever he either got too stressed up, angry or lost control of himself that it was curse placed on by Odin. Even when knowing this, he still only blamed himself for what happened to his brother, and had never been able to forgive himself and move on. He hides within himself, and barely allows himself to reach out to others.
The only thing he would really care about is to somehow redeem for his sins and begin his life all over again, which he was told by someone he would be able to in a certain school. Would he be able to interact with people again though, after having isolated himself for so long?

"In the end, it will be every man for himself."

Powers/Special talents: Vali is a highly skilled strategic and fighter. He’s well experience with all kinds of weapons, but has always preferred archery over the rest.
When it comes to magic, he knows the basics healing spells, and like his mother knows enough about herbs and medicine would it come to an emergency.
As for his other magic skills, he’s not what one would call a ‘sorcerer’, at least not yet. He has the ability to become a great magician, but would need a lot more training. The few spells he knows for now is all connected to nature.
And due to the curse placed on him by Odin, he sometimes shape shift into a wolf. But that usually only happens whenever he gets either too worked up or lose control of himself. Had it not been for his fear of changing, maybe he would’ve been able to become a great shape shifter like his father.

it's all than I can take
And every single day
A part of my soul is fading
But now, by letting go somehow
Unshackled and unbound
I'm calling out your name,
I'm fading
So save me
from what I've become
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Characrer Profile: Vali
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