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 Character Profile: Sigyn

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Sigyn   Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:46 pm

Name: Sigyn
Alias: Goddess of Fidelity
Age: umm….(she’s a goddess… who knows her real age? x’D)
Occupation: Teacher assistant
Relationships: Sons: Vali & Narfi (deceased) Loki: married ( Wink)

Personality: At first sight Sigyn might only appear to be a delicate and gentle lady, who would never even think about hurting another living being. She’s a gentle soul, who does care for the wellbeing of others before her own and would often gladly help out if she can.
However, there’s so much more to this caring goddess than what meets the eye. Yes, she’s most of the time calm and level headed, but that doesn’t mean she’s defenseless or weaker than the rest. Even while not being a warrior, and tends to deal more with the wounded, she’s a head-strong woman who never let anything break her down or get in her way. She’s stubborn and determined, highly intelligent, a fast-learner and great observer, who would without hesitance take any enemy down in her way or who threats her beloved ones.
She is yet, one of the most understanding and kindest souls who have ever lived among the Aesir, always surprising with her wise knowledge, caring nature and being the first to give one a chance and her trust. But of course, even she has her limits. Abuse her trust and kindness one to many times, she’s unforgiving and would coldly turn her back on you without a second thought, and never look back again.

History: Sigyn is the youngest amongst six sisters, but had never let herself be treated as the youngest or most fragile. As a child, she always enjoyed going out on her own to explore, and find out about things on her own.
She was never really close to her parents, and most of the time either spend time out exploring or enjoy her older sister’s stories. Even while preferring to be outside and play, she always did her duties and never fought against her parents’ wishes. Not until they day come for each of the girls to be giving in marriage. Everyone fulfilled their duties without question, expect for Sigyn, the one everyone least expected to refuse her parents’ wishes.
She had always had a rebel and defiance in her, but never really fully acted out on it. She had a free will and was more open minded than the rest, she did not want to waste it by getting married off to please some man. She declined all of the suitors who asked for her hand, even when all of her sisters had been married off.

Time went by, and Sigyn spent less time at her home, happily living her own life with so many opportunities open for her. That was how she had started to take notice of a very special trickster.
At first she only heard rumors about the half god, and then seeing him in all kinds of different places. She had grown quite curious of the man, even more so when everyone told her that a nice, young lady like her would only drag misery over herself if she got involved with the god of mischief. Like she could ever catch up with the man anyway.
One day however, after a big event in Odin’s hall, she had caught sight of Loki halting his way outside Valhalla with blood trail after him. Seeing her chance to finally meet the mysterious man in person, she followed. She had found him with his mouth sewn shut, and trying to get the stitches out. At first he had lashed out at her to leave, but shut up when she stubbornly sat down and healed him.
That was how really began for them, a simply act of kindness and acceptance. She never asked for him to change his ways, and always welcomed him back with open arms, and loving smile. Always there for him each time his life broke even more. It wasn’t a big surprise when they married, but neither was it something everyone cheered for.
First they had Narfi, and then two years later Vali. They were happy, the four of them, but of course that could never last for the tricksters family.
When Loki killed Balder, the most loved gods among them all, he never expected his sons to pay the price as well. Vali got transformed into a wolf, was forced to lose himself in anger and madness and kill his own brother. After coming back to himself, he drowned in his guilt and vanished. No one, not even Sigyn has seen him since.
With their dead sons guts, they bind Loki, with a snake above his head whose venom always dripping down on him. He was to stay there until Ragnarök. Sigyn however, never left his side, and would loyally stay with him as she held a bowl above his head so the venom wouldn’t hit him. Only when she had to empty it, would she move.
And then came the day he manage dto escape, leaving her behidn whitout a word or a goodbye. Yet, she stays faithfull, sicne she knows him better than anyone, and would someday see him again. Like he always promised, a pormise he had always kept.

Powers/Special talents: Sigyn has always been well known for her extraordinary healing powers, several times healing and saving others when the most powerful magicians failed. Not only does she use her own magic healing, but is also well accustomed to using potions, plants and other kinds of medicine when healing. Be it either a sickness, a missing boy part, she can fix it. It is also said she inherits the ability to heal one’s ‘mind’. For those whose lost themselves in their inner darkness and is unable to break out of their own madness. She’s not able to just ‘fix’ it, but lend a helping hand and hopefully lead them back towards the lighter path. But I it often depends on the person itself, if they would even let her enter their minds.
She’s also a telepath, and can communicate with people no matter where they are, she just need to have a hunch on their whereabouts, and by using their mind link (if she shares it with that person) track them down.
Besides her powers, she does know how to use a sword if she really has too, and knows some basic protection spells.

"No matter what I'll be by your side."

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Adam Falk

Adam Falk

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Sigyn   Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:22 am

Adam: Wow, I envy your abilites^^ A pleasure to meet you Lady Sigyn *bows*
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Sigyn   Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:53 pm

Sigyn: *frowns* The pleasure is all mine...forgive me but have we met?
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Adam Falk

Adam Falk

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Sigyn   Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:49 am

Adam: Hmm? No, don't think so. Never seen you before. Sorry am I being a bother?^^
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Sigyn   

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Character Profile: Sigyn
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