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 Character Profile: Sabretooth

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Sabretooth   Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:47 pm

NAME- Victor Creed
ALIAS- Sabretooth
AGE- Unknown (looks to be in his forties)
OCCUPATION- Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
RELATIONSHIPS- Jimmy Howlett (aka Logan/Wolverine his brother)
PERSONALITY- Victor is cruel and sadistic and takes pleasure in watching others suffer by his hand, he enjoys hunting people down and likes the thrill of the hunt. He has an extra vicious side to him when it comes to his little brother, he wants nothing more then to break him and have him loose all the humanity he has.
HISTORY- Victor grew up in the early 1800's with his friend Jimmy and watched over him as the older brother Jimmy never had. When Jimmy was ten and Victor was twelve, it was revealed to the two boys that they were brothers and on top of that they both shared mutant powers, vowing to protect his younger brother Victor and Jimmy ran away from their home and stayed together. As they grew up, their protectiveness for one another became almost an obsession for Victor and he would do anything to protect Jimmy...even kill. When Victor first killed someone, it was a drunk man, a man who had been picking on his younger brother so Victor killed him and he enjoyed it. When they were old enough they joined the Civil War...then the World Wars, after the second World War, they were asked to join a special team led by Colonel William Stryker. It was here that Jimmy and Victor officially parted ways, once Victor's rage was shown once more in a way Jimmy didn't like. Watching his brother leave him caused Victor to truly embrace his evil side and he became obsessed with the idea of killing his brother, so he spent seven years planning and waiting. Using Silver Fox to make Jimmy fall in love with her, he made it look like she had died so that way Jimmy could get adamantium on his claws. Shortly after his plan fell into place, it was revealed that Silver Fox actually loved Logan and so she helped Logan free the other prisoners they had. Silver Fox was killed in the mayhem while Jimmy was shot in the head with an admantium bullet which caused him to lose his memory. Victor kept an eye on Jimmy through the years after, every year on Jimmy's birthday he arrives and severely injures him and if anyone tries to kill Logan, he will interefere. After all, "We're brothers Jimmy, and brothers protect each other."
POWERS AND SPECIAL TALENTS- Victor is a mutant who has sharp canine fangs and claws instead of fingernails which he had laced with adamtium when he was deemed ready. He has a healing ability which is slower then Logan's own but still strong enough to protect him, his healing ability also makes it so he doesn't age.

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Character Profile: Sabretooth
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