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 Character Profile- Quicksliver

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PostSubject: Character Profile- Quicksliver   Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:26 pm

NAME- Pietro Maximoff
ALIAS- Quicksilver
AGE- 25
RELATIONSHIPS- None (at the moment)
PERSONALITY- Pietro is very open and with people but he is one of those people that can talk a lot and not be saying anything at all. He’s very passionate when he finds something he likes or believes in. He is also violently protective of Wanda but he has learned to curb that so Wanda wouldn’t attack him.
FEARS- His Father and Wanda
HISTORY- Pietro grew up with his sister until she was put in a mental institution when they were 8. He was then put in foster care. When he finally got out of Foster Care he lived with the Brotherhood. After words he and Wanda became members of the Avengers. While working with the team Pietro did collage courses online. He now has two degrees and is in the process of a third.
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Character Profile- Quicksliver
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