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 Character Profile- Harley Quinn

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

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PostSubject: Character Profile- Harley Quinn   Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:02 pm

Character Base Profile-
NAME- Harleen Quinnzel
ALIAS- Harley Quinn
AGE- 29
PERSONALITY- Harley has recently begun to develop two different personalities. One is her original personality Harleen, and Harley. Harleen is a smart, independent woman that is a bit naïve. She knows all that the Joker does to her and wants to leave him. Harley on the other hand is a psychopathic clown that only ever wants to please and love the Joker who has taught her to be this crazy woman dependant woman.
FEARS- Both personalities fear Joker
HISTORY- Harley’s father was a conman that never took any responsibility for his family. Harley for most of her young life wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. But when she became too top heavy and tall she began to study. She chose to become a psychiatrist. She chooses to work with Criminals because she felt the need to understand what was fundamentally wrong with a person like her father to make them behave the way that they do. This is where she meets the Joker who turned her into his crazy sidekick pop-gun wielding girlfriend. She became friends with Poison Ivy and has worked with Catwoman sometimes.
POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- stronger then she looks, Olympic level gymnast, good aim with guns, very smart.
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Character Profile- Harley Quinn
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