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 Character Profile: Batgirl

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Character Profile: Batgirl Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Batgirl   Character Profile: Batgirl EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 12:26 pm

NAME- Barbara Gordon
ALIAS- Batgirl
AGE- 22
PERSONALITY- *will add later*
FEARS- Being paralyzed once more; she has moments where she freezes up whenever a gun is pointed at her, especially if it's near where she was shot once before.
HISTORY- As daughter of the Police Commissioner, her father always made sure she knew how to defend herself. Being a gymnast helped her when she took on the role as Batgirl. Her father, James Gordon, was being tried for taking money from the crimelords of Gotham. She went straight to Batman, knowing if he showed up at the rally for her father's innocents, everyone would know her father was innocent. Batman disagreed, telling her to stay out of it and he would help her father as best as he could. Barbara couldn't take that as an answer and made sure that "Batman" would show up at the rally. She dressed up in a homemade Batman costume, making a quick appearance, before stepping back into the shadows to watch her plan work. However, seems someone had other plans, when a car drives by, shooting at the rally. Barbara steps into action and immediately takes them on, with Robin joining at her side. One of the shooters rips the back of her mask, having her red hair flow down onto her shoulders, before the shooters quickly high-tail it out of there. The news cameras, capturing Barbara as she runs, and all over the news they were asking "Who is this Batgirl?" After taking out the men behind the framing of her father, Barbara took on the role of Batgirl ever since, but it took Batman and the boy wonder awhile to finally accept her into the "Bat Club". As the years past, Robin became NightWing, while Batgirl remained the same.

After years of being Batgirl, she felt it was time for her to retire, or at least take a break from crime fighting and just spend some time with her father. The Joker, wanting to make her father go mad, came to her house and shot Barbara through the spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Later on she became known as Oracle, creating the Birds of Prey, helping Batman out with computer hacking.

She played that role for many years, before they were able to restore her feeling in her legs. After retraining her legs, she took on the role as Batgirl once more.

Skilled martial artist and detective
Genius-level intellect
Superb computer hacker
Photographic memory
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Character Profile: Batgirl
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