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 ~Chelsea's Fanart~

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PostSubject: ~Chelsea's Fanart~   Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:21 am

I had this random idea suddenly pop in my head. What if there was an Alternate Universe where Logan/Wolverine met Laura's mom; Sarah Kinney in person. They fell in love, made love, got married and had a little girl named; Laura Howlett. I want to write a fanfiction of this, but right now I can only do a picture! XD

Logan/Wolverine - FC: Hugh Jackman
Sarah Kinney - FC: Sophia Bush
Laura Kinney/Howlett - FC: Nina Dobrev

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Logan had met my mother.
How everything would be

If he met my mother,
I would be his real
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~Chelsea's Fanart~
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