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 Character Profile: Wolverine

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Wolverine   Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:32 pm

NAME- James Logan Howlett (goes by Logan)
ALIAS- Wolverine
AGE- ? (very old, but good looking for his age XD)
OCCUPATION- Co-Headmaster of S.H.I.E.L.D. University
RELATIONSHIPS- None *is currently falling for the co-headmistress*
PERSONALITY- He's Wolverine... Enough said >.>
FEARS- Losing his humanity; becoming just like Sabertooth. Never truly knowing his past and who he was before.
HISTORY- *has just finished reading his "history" and is more confused then ever about everything @_@*
Regenerative healing factor
Superhuman senses, strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, and longevity
Adamantium-laced skeletal structure
Retractable adamantium-laced bone claws
Elongated and sharp canines
Master martial artist, spy, swordsman, samurai and tactician
Highly intelligent, fluent in various languages
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Character Profile: Wolverine
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