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 Character Profile: Scarecrow

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Scarecrow   Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:03 pm

NAME Jonathan Crane
ALIAS- Scarecrow
AGE- 25
OCCUPATION- Brotherhood
PERSONALITY- Jonathan will do everything he can to find out what makes you frightened, he enjoys being the one everyone is afraid of and uses his Fear Gas as often as he can.

HISTORY- Unloved by his mother and abandoned by his father, Crane lived mostly with his grandmother, who was a religious zealot. Whenever Crane would do something she disapproved of, she would lock him in a church, where he would be attacked by crows. At school, he was also picked on, due to his skinny body and long extremities. One day, Crane secretly watched his grandmother, who was preparing the suit he was forced to wear when he was sent into the church. He learned how she managed to get all the crows to attack. Later, he snuck into the room his grandmother had strictly forbidden him to enter. He found a library. Without his grandmother's knowledge, he learned all he could about all types of sciences, particularly chemistry. He developed his own version of the mixture his grandmother had used to attract the crows. He tested it out on one of the bullies at school. He was attacked by birds, and half blinded. When he realized Crane's involvement, he beat him up again, leading him to develop stronger chemicals. Eventually, Scarecrow killed his grandmother.

When Crane was in high-school, he was still being mocked. In addition to being called Scarecrow, he was compared to Ichabod Crane. Eventually, Crane had had enough. Fueled with the fury at having been rejected - by Sherry Squires - and having put up with the torment most of his childhood, he dressed as a scarecrow and took a gun to the senior prom, brandishing it in the parking lot. He frightened a car driven by Bo Griggs, the leader of the bullies, off the road, leaving Griggs paralyzed from the waist down and his girlfriend - Squires - dead.

Crane finds that he takes tremendous pleasure in scaring people, literally to their deaths. He moves on to become a psychology professor at Gotham University but gets fired from his position for harming a student during a demonstration of his theories. He chooses to take the persona of the Scarecrow and use the emotion of fear as his main weapon to take vengeance on those responsible for his dismissal from the university.The Scarecrow leaves straws as a calling card much like the Joker's playing card.

During 2012 the DC Universe was reboot in the New 52, in this new version of the DC Universe, Crane was raised by his father, Dr. Crane, after his mother's untimely death. His father was working on a Fear Toxin for the U.S. Government. Part of his experiments was to lock his son, Jonathon in a basement full of scary objects, like dead bodies and creepy masks. Dr. Crane would then monitor his son's bio-levels. Then one day Dr. Crane died while Jonathon was locked in the basement. Several days later, police came to the house to find Dr. Crane and discover his dead body and Jonathon locked in the basement.

Do to this or for other reasons, Jonathon developed a studded, a fact that made him targets for bullies in school. He learned to push past it and became a professor at a college until he was fired for throwing spiders on a co-ed. He was trying to cure her Arachnophobia with a practice called Habituation.

He then started a private practice and became a psychologist, but after killing a patient he decided that wasn't the career for him. He then "practiced" on others, honing the persona of Scarecrow.

POWERS AND ABILITIES- Scarecrow is a master chemist, able to create powerful fear toxins. In some incarnations he is shown as a decent hand-to-hand fighter, though in others he is shown as physically unintimidating. During Knightfall Scarecrow says he knows his own style of fighting(dubbed Crane Style) which he uses against Jean -Paul Valley.

As the Scarebeast, he has immense strength and endurance. He is also able to breath a powerful fear toxin. Scarecrow is unable to feel emotion and says Batman is the only one capable of scaring him. He has just recently obtained a clone of Sinestro's ring and was a member of the corps for 24 hours, meaning he would have the regular abilities of one with a Sinestro power ring.
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Character Profile: Scarecrow
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