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 Character Profile: Ra's al Ghul

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Ra's al Ghul

Ra's al Ghul

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Ra's al Ghul   Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:48 pm

NAME- Ra's al Ghul
ALIAS Leland McCauley
Terry Gene Kase
Henri Ducard
AGE- Over 300 years old, looks to be in his late forties
OCCUPATION- Brotherhood
RELATIONSHIPS- Sora (wife), Talia al Ghul (daughter), Nyssa Raatko (daughter)
PERSONALITY- Ra's has been around for hundreds of years and during his lifetime has sought to purge humanity of crime and corruption. In whatever way he deems best Ra's is someone who's dead set on completing his goals no matter what the cost.
HISTORY-Ra’s al Ghul was born 700 years ago in a tribe of nomads in one of the Arabian deserts. When Ra’s was young, he became fascinated with science, but due to his nomad tribe, he was unable to study. Ra’s decided to leave his tribe and move to the city where he could study science. He became a physician and then quickly married the love of his life, Sora. Later, Ra’s discovered the secret lair of the Lazarus Pit. When a sadistic prince was dying (Ra’s did not know he was sadistic) Ra's tried to save him by putting him in the Lazarus Pit. When he emerged from the Lazarus Pit , it caused him to go completely insane and the prince would strangle Sora and kill her in the process.
The King would convict Ra’s for doing something to his son and sentenced him to a slow and torturing death in a cage with his wife’s corpse. Ra’s was eventually set free by a son of an old woman; he tried to save the dying woman but was unsuccessful.

Ra’s was devastated with what had happened to him and his wife. He decided to take the son of the old woman and they went to the tribe that Ra’s was born from. At the tribe, Ra’s asked his uncle, who was the leader of the tribe, to help him and guaranteed the fall of the King. His uncle would agree and they began plotting against the King. Ra’s was extremely knowledgeable with germ theory of disease. His knowledge on it was far more advanced then anyone of that time. With that knowledge, Ra’s would contaminate some fabrics and sent it to the prince. The prince became sick and the king would seek Ra’s for a cure. Ra’s denied him and killed both the king and prince. He sent the tribe into the kingdom and they proceeded to kill everyone inside it. Right afterward, Ra’s would declare himself the “Demon's Head”. Ra’s also has a daughter named Talia. He met a woman that was mixed Chinese and Arab at Woodstock, after that Talia was born.
Ra’s began to travel the world. Ra’s, his uncle, and that boy were all using the Lazarus Pit s to continue living. While in London, Ra’s caught the boy writing about the Lazarus Pits and about his whole life in their language. Ra’s engaged in a fight with him to stop him from writing any more and killed him in the end. Ra’s became weak after the battle and had to get to the Lazarus Pits to help revive him. When he returned to London , he discovered that his uncle had stolen all his historical records. Ra’s continued his journey and eventually became a master martial artist, and also became a great fencer. He gained a mass amount of wealth through time and started creating organizations to rid the world of crime; his first was called The Demon. The League of Assassins is a branch organization of The Demon.

Ra’s is an eco-terrorist and his purpose with the League of Assassins is to eliminate all evil in the world. He concluded that the only way to do so was to destroy all of humanity and start all over. This gave him run-ins with the superhero community, especially Batman. Ra’s has had many plans over the years that tried to destroy the world. One included his organization unleashing a virus called Elbola into Gotham City. He had also allied with Bane and also thought of Bane as a possible heir, however, Talia disliked Bane 's brutish criminal personality. Ra’s has also beaten the entire JLA before when he discovered Batman's notes on how to take down every single hero. He was defeated but was able to get Batman kicked out of the JLA.

POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- Ra's al Ghul is a superb fighter. He has had centuries of training and practice, making him nearly a match for Batman himself. Through use of the alchemical Lazarus Pits, al Ghul has been able to prolong his life considerably and can also transfer his soul into other bodies through ancient rituals. Via prolonged use, the Pits have given him enhanced strength and agility as well. In addition, Ra's has a mind naturally inclined towards science and analysis. He was, for example, one of the first human beings to understand germ theory. He is an excellent strategist and tactician. Ra's engineered a test for Batman in their very first encounter by kidnapping Robin; a scheme so elaborate that he went to great lengths to determine if Batman was "worthy" to be considered his heir. Over his centuries of existence, Ra's has amassed an enormous amount of information, resources, and wealth.

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Character Profile: Ra's al Ghul
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