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 {Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney

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Sarah Kinney

Sarah Kinney

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{Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney   {Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney EmptyWed Aug 07, 2013 5:37 pm

{Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney Sophiabush040{Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney Sophiabush052{Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney Sophiabush055
All of my memories
Keep you near
In silent moments
Imagine you'd be here
All of my memories
Keep you near
The silent whispers, silent tears

{Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney Tumblr_mgd66vBoP01rsin77o3_500

NAME - Sarah Kinney
ALIAS - Sarah
AGE - Unknown (She died at the age of 26)

PERSONALITY - Motherly. Sarah is a motherly figure, and is able to understand things quite well. She is against making rash decisions, and will always study the situation before making a comment. She is a calm individual, even when she fights she will speak in a calm voice. To her, there is nothing to gain with yelling. She will stick up for others in a snap. Sarah is very protective of her daughter, Laura, and would risk her life for her.

FEARS - Dying once again, and leaving her daughter again. For the year to pass by quickly.

HISTORY - She was a geneticist hired by The Facility to create a clone of Wolverine. After twenty-two failed attempts she created a female clone ( X-23) and after it was finally approved she was forced to become the surrogate mother of the child. Though X-23 had a harsh environment for her childhood, Sarah showed her defiance towards her superiors by reading her daughter Pinocchio to give X-23 a sense of humanity. After learning that Zander Rice was creating 25 clones of X-23 and was going to separate Sarah from her daughter, Sarah told X-23 to destroy the clones and kill Rice. X-23 successfully accomplished both objectives but in the end, Rice had his revenge on Sarah as he had previously sprayed her with trigger scent, causing X-23 to go into a berserker rage and mortally wound her own mother.

Before Sarah died, she gave X-23 a real name: Laura, as well as a letter, a picture of Wolverine and Professor X and told her to go to the Xavier Institute, hoping for a better life for her daughter.

She is now back with unknown reasons. Sarah has only a year to live, due to when she was resurrected, the power they tried to give her backfired and malfunctioned some of the tools that could've brought her back for good.

She is able to get into someone's mind, and cause great pain that is enough to stop a person in their tracks, and make it hard for them to move.
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{Character Profile} ~ Sarah Kinney
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