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 Character Profile: Celeste

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Celeste   Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:49 pm

NAME- Anna Russo

ALIAS- Celeste

AGE- 19 (making her younger, felt I have enough 20-year-olds XD so she would have gotten her powers when she was 18 :3)

LOOKS- Brown hair and brown eyes that turn green in the sunlight. Olive tan skin and a petite build.



PERSONALITY- Anna is the kind of girl that some people believe have the right to use her to their advantages, but, unfortunately for them, this is not the case. Anna has lived all of her life as being looked at "a beautiful, but naive girl", because she has always tried to believe in the good in people. So, when people learn their mistakes, they usually get mad at her for not doing what they wanted her to do. She's learned to ignore it and walk away from that kind of situation. Anna has a natural motherly instinct that activates whenever her friends need it. A lot of people will talk to her, knowing she is one who can be trusted and a good listener, with sound advice when needed. She gets very protective over her friends and family, knowing that she would do all she can to keep them safe and away from danger and from bullies. At times she doesn't take lightly to teasing, but she lets up on it better then she did when she was younger. She doesn't take kindly to insults and has the ability to ignore someone's existence. Treat her well, she will do the same for you, but treat her badly, expect to be written out of her life. (Oh, and just because she's from Texas, does NOT mean she is a Cowgirl! In fact, she HATES anything country! (except maybe a few songs here and there) She only likes horses. So, don't even THINK of calling her a cowgirl >.< She will tear you up like you were a piece of paper.)

FEARS- Of being alone, forgotten about, never seeing her family again, of forgetting who she is, being trapped... She also has a fear of thunder and lightening.

HISTORY- Anna is a half Italian girl, who has an older brother and two loving parents. She has actually had a very blessed life. When she was younger she had a horrible temper; she was violent, would always hit her brother for fun, and always felt her parents were trying to control her life. She was nicer to strangers then to her own family! Even though she was a horrible little girl, her parents and brother still loved her; they never once thought of getting rid of her (well, they toyed with the idea of sending her to a convent, but ended up deciding against that.) She was like that for fourteen years of her life, until, one week at Church camp changed that. She had a traumatic experience while tubing and cried her heart out one day, realizing what she had been doing and how much she really loved her family and how much they loved her. She realized that God cared about her more then she at first believed and that He did care if she wanted help with the little things in life. Since that day, she had done her best to control her temper show more love towards her family.
As the years past, so did her control over her temper, though it was hard and at times she would spurts of anger when under stress, she tried her best. While attending college when she was twenty, she undergo another traumatic experience, but this time she ended up going to the hospital. It was a stormy and rainy day as she was walking home from the college (which was, conveniently,right across the street from her parents' house), after finishing up her last final for the Spring semester. The wind was picking up as she struggled to keep her umbrella shielding her from the rain. A strong gust of wind came from behind her, causing her to lose her grip on her umbrella. "Dang it! Come back!" She called, as she started running after it. The umbrella flew over the field that separate the college from her home. Anna prayed as she ran after the umbrella, wanting the wind to slow down just enough for her to catch her umbrella.
Luck was on her side, as the wind slowed down right before the umbrella could make it to the road. "Got'cha!" She shouted in victory as she grabbed hold of her umbrella. She tightened her grip on it the moment the wind picked up. "You're not getting away from me this time!" She muttered, fighting the wind to bring the umbrella closer to her.
A crack of thunder was heard overhead, causing Anna to jump. Her face showed a slight fear of the sound, right before she flinched at the lightning that was streaking across the sky. Not even a second later, she felt her body tense up as extreme amounts of pain entered her body, starting from her hands, going all the way down to her toes. She couldn't let out a scream as the pain rocked her body. She passed out from the pain, not even feeling her body hit the muddy, wet ground.
A few days later, she woke up in the hospital, first thing she saw was her father next to her bed, reading a book. "Daddy...?" She croaked out, before receiving a shocked look from her father.

She didn't know what happened next, she only remembered suddenly being surrounded by her family, all who were crying in relief and joy at seeing her open her eyes. She later found out that she had been struck by lightning when she was fighting with the umbrella. The doctor was astounded by the fact she lived through the experience. She cried when she realized what happened and received love from a lot of her friends from school and online. She felt grateful to have the summer to heal through before school the following Fall.

During one of her times of recovery, a month later, she had a breakdown from trying to relearn how to walk. She yelled and screamed, causing the whole gym to shake, before a flash of lightning struck all of the electronics, causing them to short out and for the electricity to go out in the building. She got scared for others around her, thanking God it was only her and her instructor that was in the gym at the time. Her instructor decided right then that she needed to learn how to fully control her anger, so she couldn't hurt anyone with the lightning that came along with it. When she could fully walk again, he started teaching her martial arts and during one of her training sessions, when they were practicing fighting, her instructor pushed her harder then normal away, causing her to fly backwards. When she braced for impact, she felt her body stop in midair. She opened her eyes to discover she was flying (only to fall after she saw she was six feet off the ground). Her instructor not only taught her how to fight, but also how find away to control her flying.

Anna, always being a fan of the heroes out there(Spiderman, The X-Men, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, etc), she decided that she was blessed with these gifts for a reason, so, she begged her instructor to teach her how to use weapons (she refused to try to rely on her lightening, seeing how unstable it was). After constant begging and seeing her go out after criminals anyways, he gave in and taught her how to use weapons of a ninja (seeing as she usually didn't want to be seen anyways). She made her costume, feeling it would work in blending into the darkness at night and became Celeste. Only her family (like she could really keep that from them,) and her instructor knew. (Okay, Hannah knew, but that's because Hannah shared her secret with her).

POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- Flying, Martial Arts, Lightening (only when angry), use of Ninja weapons.

COSTUME- Black and white mask, with the white on the inside and the black on the outside. Here's a picture of what the top looks like, sort of. It is all black, with the trimming on the sleeves as white and they are attached to the blouse by black strings. There is no bow in the back, and the top comes up more like a Chinese blouse on her, and the back has strings that crisscross. She has black pants that are slightly flowy, and she wears steel toed shoes, but the bottoms are covered in cloth to help quieten her steps. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail at the nap of her neck.
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Character Profile: Celeste
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