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 Character Profile: Batman

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Batman   Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:53 pm

NAME- Bruce Wayne
ALIAS- Batman
AGE- 36
RELATIONSHIPS- Dick Grayson (adopted son), Tim Drake (adopted son), Barbara Gordon (partner), Selina Kyle (past flings), Diana Prince (Justice League)... *Note: If your character has had a past thing with Batman, let me know if you want it mentioned here. At the moment, I'm only adding ones that I've talked about with the ones playing the characters*
PERSONALITY- To the public eye, a playboy, in reality, he can be harsh, but he has a good heart. He states things as they are, with hardly any care about how someone feels. He'll do whatever he can to save a person's life, even if it means at the cost of his own.
FEARS- Failing his promise to his parents, killing someone, those who work with him killed... (he's got a long list)
HISTORY- When he was eight-years-old, his parents were killed right in front of him by a man that was robbing them one evening after he went to see a movie with his parents. Ever since that day, he vowed to stop that from happening to anyone else... Over the years as he grew, he trained to become a master at martial arts, samurai, disappearing, escaping, becoming a detective. Determined to become the hero Gotham needed, he became Batman, a vigilante that villains feared and hated. Police Commissioner James Gordon found a respect for Batman that others couldn't understand.

To the world, Bruce Wayne is a playboy billionaire, but he also wants to make Gotham a better place, rebuilding the city, making it anew.

(If you have any questions about Batman's past, feel free to ask, but pretty much everyone knows about Batman.)

Genius-level intellect
Peak physical and mental conditioning
Master martial artist, acrobat, detective, escapologist, strategist, tactician, and marksman
Use of high-tech equipment, weapons, armors & gadgets
Master of stealth
Immune to mind control
Master of disguise
Proficient with technology
Access to vast wealth and criminal records
Trained computer hacker
Photographic memory
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Character Profile: Batman
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