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 Character Profile- Johnny Quick

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Johnny Quick


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PostSubject: Character Profile- Johnny Quick   Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:37 pm

NAME- Johnny Quick
ALIAS- Johnny Quick
AGE- 33
RELATIONSHIPS- None (at the moment
PERSONALITY- When people first meet him Johnny seems fun and fairly nice however he does have a tendency to become violent and vicious when the wrong buttons are pushed.
FEARS- nothing he will admit to (Super Woman and Owlman)
HISTORY- Johnny was the son of a prostitute that was one of many that worked for the crime lord before him. As he got older he became a lieutenant for his father. When he finally became his fathers second in command he killed the man that sired him, taking over his portion for the Crime Syndicate.
POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- super speed and good with chemistry
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Character Profile- Johnny Quick
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