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 {Character Profile } - Scorpia

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PostSubject: {Character Profile } - Scorpia   Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:35 am

Baby, I'm a sociopath,
Sweet serial killer.
On the warpath,
'Cause I love you,
Just a little too much.

I love you just,
A little too much.
(Much, much, much).

You can see me,
Drinking cherry coke,
Sweet serial killer.
I left a love note,
Said you know I love,
The thrill of the rush.


NAME - Vulpe Blueblood
ALIAS - Scorpia
AGE - 19
RELATIONSHIPS - With Ender (Aka my boyfriend.)

PERSONALITY - Vulpe is manipulative, conniving, sadistic girl. She loves seeing people suffer, and likes it when she can cause pain to others. You could say it pleases, and excites her. Maybe it's because she is a Scorpion? Even though she is a cruel person, she tops it off by being smart enough to hide what she really is like. She will come off as a hyper, social-able, party kind of girl, and someone who general cares about others. This is because she likes to have fun with her prey before finally striking and making their lives completely, and utterly hell. Once you have reach your lowest point, she'll strike. I wonder if you'll survive?

FEARS - Nothing.. (Yeah it's a lie, but why would she tell you?)

HISTORY - Vulpe's parents were both murdered at the age of five. Her parents were in the mob business, a very wealthy business too. She was left with their house, and all of their money, and with her Uncle that would raise her. As she grew up, her uncle could tell she was special. For every time she bit into anything after the age of seven, light green liquid would poor out of her canine teeth. It was also this time where her white hair was now turning blue. For her powers were coming to her slowly. She didn't get her hair color, or her full powers until she was ten.

When she finally got her powers, her uncle put her in training to control them. It was this time she could find out she could change her hair color. Which she abused a lot until she found herself liking the color combination of green and blonde, and her natural hair color. While her Uncle trained her powers, he was also running her parents mob business. Hoping to gain the trust of their followers so he could take all of Vulpe's money and run off with it. She didn't find out about this until she was thirteen.

When Vulpe found out how her Uncle was planning to betray her, she made herself act like she didn't know anything. It wasn't until the night of the planned betrayal did she betray him. She had waited in the darkest of corners, watching her parents followers worship her uncle. Which made her upset. When he finally said they were now going to run away for he had the money and the power. She showed herself, her blue eyes glaring straight through her Uncle eyes, causing him to freeze. It was this time she figured out her glare could paralyze anyone. As she continued to focus on her new power, she walked closer and closer to her uncle. Until she was now behind him, kicking him on the back of the knees and instantly attacked him. Vulpe bit into her Uncle's neck, and shot all of her poison into his body. Causing him to die quickly. She was now in charge of her own mob.

Though, she killed as many men she could, and let the others escape. For she didn't want to own a mob, she wanted to be in control of her money, herself, and her house. She was fine to be alone. It felt great to be alone. Vulpe turned into a cruel person as she continued to grow up, finding that it was enjoyable getting people's trust and betraying it so fast. It was great to be like a Scorpion. As she grew up, she met a man named Ender who is her partner, and the only person she'll ever love.

She came to Shield University to, well, to have fun of course!

Poisonous canine teeth - When Scorpia bites someone she can put that person in a coma for three days with a small dosage of her poison. If more poison is shot through the person's body, it could put them in a coma even longer; five to six weeks. Though, if she is aiming to kill someone, she will put almost all of her poison into the person's body, and will watch them die in front of her. After this, she will have to rest for a few days to gain her poison back.

Hair color - Vulpe can change her hair color to any color that she wants. Though, it's either blue or blonde and green.

Glare - When Vulpe does a certain, menacing glare she can paralyze anyone.
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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile } - Scorpia   Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:14 am

Jorry: Vulpe! Very Happy
Fennie: Oh the scorpio chick^^ ...*glances at Jorry* Dude, you're actully 'happy'? -_-
Jorry: GTFO bro
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{Character Profile } - Scorpia
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